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The Teaching Professor Conference 2017

  • Marriott St Louis Grand (map)

Representing KPU, I will be presenting the following session at this year's Teaching Professor Conference in St Louis:

Web Visibility Matters: A Social Media Primer for Academics

While some embrace social media as an extension of their professional practice, others remain unsure about how it can or should play a role. Welcome to your primer for web visibility: an interactive demonstration that will create meaningful connections between your teaching, research, and service activities and your “followers.” You will learn to take a controlling interest in your web real estate to prevent random sites and aggregators from constructing your professional identity for you, and how to use privacy settings to protect yourself and your students. Please bring a laptop to this session.

Learning goals:

  • Identify the social media options best suited to your research and service

  • Separate your professional profile(s) from your personal one(s) or unify them with a clear intention

  • Populate professional profiles on a targeted selection of social media sites

  • Create a customized strategy for SEO (search engine optimization)