Greg has amazing insight and outlook on various aspects of literature. Coming to Greg’s class was a treat because you knew you would be engaged and were given the opportunity to articulate your ideas in a creative manner. I always appreciated the feedback he gave me on my material, the feedback was sincere and ample amounts of opportunity was provided to improve the body of work. Greg certainly has ample amounts of respect from students that have taken a course with him and I’m sure this level of respect is parallel to the feelings of students at other institutions that Greg has taught at.
— Govind Minhas, BBA (KPU Alumnus)
Greg Chan approaches English studies with a passion that’s hard not to get caught up in. He starts with a deep knowledge of the subject and follows by taking a sincere interest in students’ learning. Unyielding enthusiasm coupled with his engaging personality give life to stories otherwise trapped on a page.
— Matthew Hoekstra, Journalist at the Richmond Review (KPU Alumnus)
Greg is a passionate instructor who takes a personal interest in the growth of his students. He arranged sponsorship for 2 of his students to perform innovative rap and spoken word at local high schools and was always there to support them during their performances.
From a student recruitment angle, it’s been a pleasure working with Greg, as a faculty member who truly takes an interest in spotlighting the success of his students to inspire future students.
— Melinda Lee, KPU Manager of Domestic Recruitment
Greg Chan fully supported my love of Ryan Gosling and psychological thrillers! As a student in a second year English course taught by Greg Chan (ENGL 2350 - Critical Studies in Film), I appreciated his ability to combine lecturing, group discussions, and film analysis while still helping students develop a higher level of writing. Three years after taking the course, I can still recall my final paper comparing the music in Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) and Hazanavicius’ The Artist (2011), demonstrating that Greg takes the time to engage students in critical thinking to impart knowledge that will stay with them in the coming years. I can honestly say that he supported my love of Ryan Gosling, as he created a relationship with his students in which he would regularly loan them his own DVDs (such as Fracture starring Ryan Gosling) for their personal enjoyment. I would recommend Greg as an English professor to any student.
— Jessica Thomas, ABA Support Worker at School District #36 (KPU Alumnus)
--Calvin "Kalvonix" Tiu and Rick "Big Love" Kumar (KPU Alumni)

--Calvin "Kalvonix" Tiu and Rick "Big Love" Kumar (KPU Alumni)