First-Year English

Teaching essay composition and literary analysis to undergraduate students has been the foundation of my career as an educator. Two required courses, ENGL 1100 (Introduction to University Writing) and ENGL 1202 (Topics in Literature), are the mainstays of my schedule. For ENGL 1202, a topics-based introduction to literature, I approach it through the lens ofthe "home" and what it represents.

Location, location, location. More than just a real estate maxim, this aspiration to find one’s place—geographically, socially or spiritually—is a recurring theme in literature. Join us to define “home” through perceptions of homeland, class, travel, and homelessness.
— ENGL 1202: Literary Constructions of House and Home (Greg Chan)

I have enjoyed the challenge of teaching both of these required courses in three different modes of delivery: face-to-face, mixed-mode, and fully online.



Upper-Level English

KPU offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with options for a major or a minor.

Since my specialties are contemporary Canadian literature and drama; world literature; and film studies (theory and history), I teach the following courses on a regular basis:

  • ENGL 2301 (Canadian Literature)
  • ENGL 2350 (Critical Studies in Film)
  • ENGL 3345 (Diasporic Literatures)
  • ENGL 4401 (Topics in Canadian Literature)
  • ENGL 4350 (Topics in Film Studies)

Outside of my specialties, I also enjoy teaching the English Literary Tradition survey courses, ENGL 2316: 14th to 18th Centuries and ENGL 2317: 18th to 20th Centuries.

Sample Syllabi

 For more information on ENGL 1100, click  here.

For more information on ENGL 1100, click here.